These 8 trails are designed to lead from the front door of primary schools to the market place in Cambridge and as pieces of public art have poems and songs composed by the famous children's poet, Michael Rosen, and the Horrible Histories songwriter, Dave Cohen, with also hundreds of children and their families involved in creating their own pieces of art, photography, raps, poems, songs, maps, drawings to pin on the places on the trails which are offered as audio guides and printed leaflets which you can download from this website. 

Next, we will be developing a set of history trails as co-creations with 8 new primary schools because there is further public art funding which Historyworks has won, and we will be collaborating with Michael Rosen again too, whch is very good news!  For the next cohort, we hope to work with Chesterton, Shirley, Arbury, King's Hedges, Mayfield, Newnham, Trumpington and Queen Ediths.   The year after we've already requests for a further cohort of schools so we hope then to win funding with a final 8 primaris including a group of schools at Cherry Hinton including the Bewick Bridge and Chesterton and the Spinney,  and then to fill in the gaps of schools who requested a history trail and have waited patiently, including the Grove and the new University Primary School!