Great St Mary's: Great St Mary's Chimes

CBBC Horrible Histories writer Dave Cohen has written this song based on the Great St. Mary chimes, which are also the chimes which inspired the famous 'Westminster Chimes' of Big Ben! 

The tune of the chimes are known as the ‘Cambridge Quarters’ and have become very famous because they were copied for the ‘Westminster Chimes’ of Big Ben at the Houses of Parliament. Not everyone knows that our Cambridge chimes were the first bongs!

Great St Mary's Chimes Song

On every hour,
Big Ben’s chimes burst.
In Cambridge though,
You heard it first.
All sing along.
Bing bong bing bong
St Mary’s Church
Made up this song
Bing bong bing bong
Bing bong bing bong

Great St Mary's: Great St Mary's Chimes


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