Cambridge Holocaust Memorial Day

Historyworks is commissioning the famous children's poet, Michael Rosen, to write new poems for marking Holocaust Memorial Day on our national theme for 2019,  Torn from Home.  We have the Cambridge Composer, Bethany Kirby setting these to uplifting melodies, which choral music will be performed by school choirs from Milton Road and St Matthew's (Primary) and from Cambridge Academy Singers (Secondary) and with two pieces led by Sing! Community Choir encouraging the audiences at events to join their voices too.


These lyrics are being composed in response to our history workshops organized by Helen Weinstein for Cambridge children at KS2 and KS3 where Michael Rosen shares his story about what Home is, in terms of safey and laughter and warmth and sharing.   Other lyrics by Michael Rosen address what it means to be 'Torn from Home' about packing up your belongings and safeguarding your memories, about gaps in his family, the migrant and refugee experience, and we with the young people will be meeting survivors, discussing the testimony of those fleeing from wars and genocides, from hateful words and prejudice,  and use these tesimonies to create new pieces.  

Michael Rosen's lyrics for 2019 are set to music for children's and community choirs to sing by our musical arranger, Bethany Kirby.  The sound files are available for the start of the January term.  Scores can be directly downloaded.

With our musical director, Mario Satchwell, we are also sourcing lyrics which fit the theme to be resonant with the values of marking HMD of using our voices to challenge injustices and prejudice and to call for celebrating diversities and to create peace in the world.  You can see some of the songs we are preparing for our school choir singing assemblies and for the Cambridge HMD Civic Event below and can navigate quickly by using the tabs with song titles on the right-hand side.  

We have recorded the melodies in parts and provided the lyrics online so that individuals and groups can learn the pieces. These are drafts to help beginner singers and not professional recordings to be broadcast!  We have also provided scores where they exist.  Please do use the Historyworks commissioned pieces for community groups and singing assemblies in schools and faith groups, as all are commissioned as creative commons.

Cambridge Holocaust Memorial Day


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