Abbey Youth Group Art Workshops

HistoryWorks has had some fantastic art sessions with the talented and engaged young people at Abbey Youth Group.  We've been co-creating the artworks and lettering for the Chisholm Trail noticeboards.  The themes were chosen from everyday experiences of travelling around Cambridge with pictures of cycles and landmarks including the River Cam, Swans and Punters, Reeds and Pterosaurs!


It has been brilliant having the play boxes and matting donated by ArcSoc to enable us to enjoy the sunshine in the park for 'popup' workshops out at Dudley Road Rec and other local play areas in Abbey.  Youngsters can sit on bumpy ground and enjoy the fresh air, with stools to sit on, boxes to store the art materials, and firm matts to role out their artworks to co-create quality artworks!  

The lettering spells out 'Cambridge Chisholm Trail Tales' and you can find out more and keep uptodate on our next art workshops on the Facebook page for Chisholm Tales. To stay in touch with events and to add your own local memories and stories to the Chisholm Tales, please 'like' our Chisholm Trail facebook page

Abbey Youth Group ArtWorks